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Name: Flambards
Creator: based on the Flambards books by K. M. Peyton
Date(s): 1979 (UK), 1980 (USA)
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: UK
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Flambards was a 13-episode television series broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1979 and in the United States in 1980. The series was based on the first three Flambards novels of English author K. M. Peyton. Peyton subsequently wrote her fourth Flambards book when approached by a group interested in filming a sequel to the series. However, the sequel series failed to find a buyer and so never was filmed.

Fan Activity

  • Flambards - Yahoo Group founded in 1999. As of January 2011 it had 668 members. The group’s focus is on the television series Flambards based on the books of KM Peyton, rather than the novels themselves. However, there is sometimes discussion of the novels too. This group is relatively inactive, though messages are still circulated once in a while.
  • Flying Dreams - This small website is devoted to the Flambards television series, and includes synopses of each episode with photos. It was last updated in 2003.
  • Flambards – This web page is found on an individual fan’s (Tony Mortlake’s) personal website link to his home page. It focuses on the Flambards television series and was last updated in 2003.