K. M. Peyton

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Name: K, M. Peyton
Also Known As: Kathleen Wendy Herald Peyton
Occupation: author
Medium: novels
Works: Flambards series, Ruth Hollis series, Pennington series, Jonathan Meredith series, numerous individual novels
Official Website(s): Website of K.M. Peyton
Fan Website(s): see Flambards
On Fanlore: Related pages

K.M. Peyton (born 1929) is a prolific English-born author of novels written for the young adult and teen audience. She began writing in the late 1940s; her most recently published work was in 2007. She has written over 60 novels, most of them contemporaneous, but a few historical. Her best known books are from the Flambards series, partly because it was made into a television series. Her Pennington, Ruth Hollis and Jonathan Meredith series are also popular (and there is some crossover between these series).


A search of the internet using Google, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and Yahoo Groups in January 2011 did not reveal any fan communities focusing on the novels of K.M. Peyton as a whole.

However, there has been some formalised fan-based activity focusing on Flambards. This has not focused on K.M. Peyton’s novels. Instead the focus has been on the television series, with only peripheral attention paid to the source material for the series.

Fans of K.M. Peyton’s novels can obtain considerable information from the author’s website: Website of K.M. Peyton


K.M. Peyton's novels have sometimes been nominated for Yuletide. In 2008 and 2009 Flambards was nominated; in 2010 Fly-by-Night and The Team (Ruth Hollis series) were nominated.

Notable Stories

Probably the most notable fanfic written is an alternative '4th novel' in the Flambards series written before the author embarked on the actual fourth novel. However, it has never been published on the internet and is only obtainable if one is a member of the Flambards Yahoo Group and emails the author, who is a member of that community.