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Name: zeen
Alias(es): moetushie, havisham, Agelast
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: DC Comics, Downton Abbey, Jane Austen, Mary Renault, MCU, Merlin (TV series), Rosemary Sutcliff, Shakespeare, The Silmarillion & many more
Communities: maryrenaultfics
URL: havisham at AO3 (formerly zeen)
at LiveJournal (purged)
at Tumblr (active)
Agelast at Silmarillion Writers' Guild
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Zeen, also known as moetushie and more recently havisham, is a fan writer who has written stories in The Silmarillion, MCU, DC Comics, and the Mary Renault fandom, as well as many others. A prolific writer, she calls herself your friendly neighborhood fic-writing robot according to her bio on AO3.[1]

Permissions & Transformative Works

Transformation Policy: If anyone wants to record a podfic, make fanart, translate a work of fanfiction, or indeed, remix the same, please feel free! All I ask for is credit and a link back to the original. :)

Update June 2021:
For remixes, translations and other transformative works based on original stories, please contact me. Original works are not included in the blanket permission.

Please do not copy or distribute my works on other sites.[1]

Notable Works

  • New Skin for the Old Ceremony, Trevor discovers that the best way to resist temptation is to give into it -- or some nonsense like that. (Alucard/Trevor Belmont)
  • Are You There, Satan? It’s Me, Ziggy, In 1978, Ziggy Berman gets kicked out of Camp Nightwing just before the massacre. She spends the rest of her life trying to figure out what happened there. (Christine "Ziggy" Berman/Nick Goode)
  • Haint Blue, After his parents’ passing, Barrett's younger brother comes to live with him in the dilapidated house he inherited. But as the brothers grow too close for comfort, so do their family secrets. Barrett finds himself haunted by the ghosts of the past — literally. (Original Fiction)
  • I am ashes where I was once fire | gay asbestos elves, Maedhros | Maitimo feels his flame ebb due to depression. Does Fingon | Findekáno have what it take to his cousin | lover in hand? And can their love pierce through the veil of death and help any one at all? These are all rhetorical questions that are not really answered in this fic. (Findekáno/Maedhros), (Findekáno/Maedhros/Makalaurë)
  • Forever Young, Neil is dying of consumption. There is nothing he can do to stop the progress of the disease or to save himself -- or so he thinks, until a mysterious benefactor appears, to give him a new chance at life. A chance that may be too good to be true... A dying boy's wish is granted -- but at what cost? (Original Slash)


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