Silmarillion Writers' Guild

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Name: Silmarillion Writers' Guild
Date(s): March 2005 - present
Archivist: Dawn Felagund
Founder: Dawn Felagund
Type: Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: The Silmarillion
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The Silmarillion Writers' Guild or SWG was founded in March of 2005 by Dawn Felagund as on Yahoo! Groups and LiveJournal. On April 1, 2007, the webpage debuted and, a few months after that, on June 6, 2007, the archive opened to the public. As of June 2011, the SWG archives more than a thousand stories and has hosted numerous projects in honor of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, and the fans that keep his world alive. Among these are the yearly Back to Middle-earth Month challenges that take place in March.

The SWG is an automated archive run on the basis of the eFiction script. It accepts all stories that are related to or based on The Silmarillion or its related works, which include all other books by Tolkien that pertain to the events and ideas of The Silmarillion. [1] It also hosts a reference library with peer-reviewed essays on topics of interest to fans, as well as a growing collection of biographies for many of Tolkien's characters from The Silmarillion.



  • March 14. The Silmarillion Writers' Guild is established on Yahoo! Groups and LiveJournal by Dawn Felagund.
  • July 27. Dawn Felagund and co-moderator ford_of_bruinen begin recruiting members.
  • September. The SWG publishes its first newsletter.


  • January 5. Discussion begins on the SWG's Yahoo! group about setting up a website and fiction archive [2].
  • June 12. digdigil joins the moderation team.


  • April 1. The SWG website opens [3].
  • May. SWG moderators and volunteers begin beta-testing the archive [4].
  • May 23. Tárion Anaróre joins the moderation team.
  • June 6. The SWG archive is opened for public contributions [5].
  • July. The SWG sponsors their first summer event, the Seven in '07 project, a compilation of fanworks about the Fëanorians.
  • September 15. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the publication of The Silmarillion, the SWG hosts a writing contest.
  • September 25. Rhapsody the Bard joins the moderation team.




  • January. The SWG participates in the Help Haiti auction [11].
  • March. The fifth-annual Back to Middle-earth Month is undertaken by the SWG and Many Paths to Tread. The event's theme is The Last Battle; the event asks members to create stories and artwork based on challenges uncovered as part of an interactive game format.
  • August. The SWG celebrates its fifth birthday with an event inviting members to suggest themes and awards (tokens). All members have the opportunity to submit work for the themed compilations and award tokens to favorite stories and authors [12] [13].
  • November. The Library of Tirion opens to provide a section of the site for archiving older Silmarillion-based fanworks.