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Name: pandemonium_213
Alias(es): Pandë, lucifers-cuvette (on Tumblr), Doc Bushwell, Joan Bushwell, pandemonium-213 (on DeviantART)
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien
Communities: The Silmarillion Writers' Guild
URL: Profile page on the Silmarillion Writers' Guild Profile page on Many Paths to Tread Works on AO3 Tumblr DeviantART Livejournal
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pandemonium_213 is an author & essayist in The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings fandom. A longtime reader of Tolkien, beginning in 1966 when she first read The Hobbit, she began writing fan fiction in 2007, first posting Trinity followed shortly by The Apprentice on The Silmarillion Writers' Guild where the majority of her stories are archived. Her story, The Prisoner and the Hobbit, co-written with Dreamflower, was discussed in John Lennard's essay Tolkien's Triumph: The Strange History of 'The Lord of the Rings.

I am a longtime Tolkien fan, having first read JRRT’s works in the Years of the Lamps, i.e., from 1966 and onward. My non-fiction JRRT related essay may be found on the reference section of the Silmarillion Writers' Guild. My public blathering on things scientific dangle like so many overripe bananas on Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge, which I have shamefully neglected whilst the other noisy chimpanzees hoot and brachiate about. However, with the privileges afforded as the grizzled old matriarch there, I occasionally drop by for a grooming.

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