Antonia Forest

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Name: Antonia Forest, Marlow stories
Abbreviation(s): AF
Creator: Antonia Forest
Date(s): 1948-1982
Medium: Book
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: Trennels, Girls Gone By Publishers, Girls Own
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Antonia Forest was a pseudonymous twentieth century British children's author. She is best known for her series of books featuring the Marlow family at school and during the holidays. She also wrote a story (split into two books for publication) about the Marlows' ancestors in the sixteenth century, and one other book unconnected to the Marlows series.

Antonia Forest is often discussed on the Girlsown mailing list, and there is a fan community, Trennels, which hosts discussion and links to fanfic on members' LiveJournals. Antonia Forest fic has also been written for the Yuletide ficathon.

An Antonia Forest Conference was held at Bournemouth in 2006, and was a great success. Papers from the conference and other material were collected and published by Girls Gone By Publishers.