Alternate Ending, With Zombies

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Title: Alternate Ending, With Zombies
Author(s): dirtybinary
Date(s): 3 May 2014
Length: 1922 words
Genre: crackfic
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: in AO3

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"Alternate Ending, With Zombies" is a short story by dirtybinary based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. It is a crackfic zombie apocalypse tale in which the Nazis have turned to biological warfare.


Laurie Odell is rescued from Bridstow Hospital by Andrew Raynes, whose pacifism does not extend to zombies; and the pair of them are then flown to (relative) safety by Bim Taylor, returned from the dead and flying a helicopter.


"Alternate Ending, With Zombies" was written as a gift for Makioka in the 2014 Renault Exchange.


Comments on the story include the following:

  • " I laughed all the way through this, just brilliant (and yet in character)."—comment by Nineveh_uk
  • "Oh, dear, this has started me compiling mental lists of Mary Renault Characters Who Ought To Be Eaten By Zombies."—comment by AJHall
  • "This is legitimately amazing. There's something about The Charioteer that's oddly suited to the non-cracky crack AU and you've pulled this off to perfection. The tone somehow manages to be satisfyingly Renaultian and suitable for quick-moving zombie action - it must be the black humour that's the common thread there."—comment by Naraht