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Chris Carter being present William the Rabbit.
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William the Rabbit (* 20th May 2016) is an X-Files fandom fan action that took place in 2016. It was initiated by Russian X-Philes from the fan site thex-files.ru. A stuffed animal in form of a rabbit and named after Mulder and Scully's son, started traveling on 11 of June 2016 and ended it's journey on June 6th 2017 when it was presented to the X-Files creator Chris Carter as a thank you from the fans for creating The X-Files and making a 10th season possible.

It has blue eyes, weighs about 1,1 pounds and measures around 12,6 inch. It's wearing grey converse shoes, a jacket for bad weather, a flash light and a messenger bag.


"… It has begun right after the finale of the 10th season, when we, two Ksenias, were appalled by the number of negative responses both to the continuation of the series and to its creators; we decided not to argue, not to dissuade, but simply to show to Chris Carter and the whole team that there are incomparably a lot more people who are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to see Mulder and Scully’s adventures once again. We were supported by the fans and this is how our small team was born. Almost immediately we decided that the symbol of our action would be a rabbit. After all a rabbit is kind of an informal symbol of Russia. We decided to design our rabbit based on the completely individual project. In our minds we saw ears with a print of classic letter X and a famous phrase I Want To Believe! At that point the future hosts and participants started to join our action. All together we continued to think over the image. The idea was to choose clothes accordingly – we were thinking about the same t-shirt William Scully wore in one of the episodes of the 9th season, there were some thoughts to give him a hat with ears from the episode William, to hang on his neck the pendant Margaret Scully had in the 10th season, and many, many more things. As a result, our rabbit got a t-shirt with a recognizable print of the well-known poster I WANT TO BELIEVE, jeans and sneakers. As a true special agent – he got a flashlight. It wasn’t simple to choose the ears, out of several options we ended up with the brightest.



The rabbit traveled through several Russian cities starting from Moscow, St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk. From there it traveled trough Germany, France , Luxembourg and the UK and from there to New Zealand and Brazil and the USA. His last stop as on April 14th 2017 in Los Angeles where he was met by a member from XFilesNews who presented the toy to Chris Carter. [2] In total, William the Rabbit visited 38 cities all over the world.