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The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) is a fan fund which pays for one science fiction fan a year to cross the Atlantic to attend a convention; this is usually alternated East-West and West-East in successive years, so that (for example) an American fan might attend the Eurocon one year, with a British fan going to a US Worldcon the following year, but the order is sometimes changed (for example, if the Worldcon will be in Europe on an East-West year). Winners are supposed to act as ambassadors for their region, take part in program activities at the convention they visit, publish trip reports, and otherwise justify their choice. Any excess funds left over from the trip are passed on to the following year's winner. Winners are generally popular fans with a history of publishing fanzines or other activities that make them a suitable choice for the award.

For some info, see: File 770. For a full history see Trans Atlantic Fan Fund on Wikipedia and The TransAtlantic Fan Fund Unofficial Home