High Flight

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Title: High Flight
Publisher: AllGen Press
Date(s): May 2003
Fandom: multifandom
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High Flight is a gen 76-page anthology and is a memorial zine and charity zine.

front cover by Hindman

The art is by Hindman. According to the publisher, "All offerings in this zine are focused on the Columbia Shuttle’s tragic end, or space flight. A donation from each zine goes to the education fund for the Columbia astronauts’ children."

The art is by Joyce H. Hindman, Kat Ross, and June Lynn Roe.

Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

The Editorial

Well, here we are.. Another charity and memorial zine. I can honestly say I had hoped this would never be necessary again. I'm sure you all feel the same way.

Unfortunately, on February 1, 2003, 7 brave men and women gave their lives to bring us knowledge. They left behind families - mothers, fathers, wives and children. This zine is to honor both the heroes who died, and the families who lost them. All proceeds from the zine will go to the Space Shuttle Children's Fund, which was set up after the Challenger tragedy to provide educations for the children of those astronauts. When that purpose had been served, instead of closing the fund, its administrator had the foresight to realize the painful truth, namely that the Challenger Seven were not the first and would not be the last to give their lives to make ours better. He kept the fund open, despite efforts by others to change his mind. His wisdom, unhappily, is now bearing fruit. I'm sure he, like the rest of us, wishes things were different.

There are people out there who do not understand the need for a space program, or see the reason for our grief. To them I say, read this. See things through our eyes. Realize our need for heroes, and our yearning to leam new things and see new places. Understand that any death, any loss of discovery, diminishes the human race as a whole. And then mourn with us.

To those who have contributed, and to those who are purchasing this zine, I say thank you. You already understand what's at stake here, and you're doing what you can to fight for our future, much as the Columbia astronauts were fighting for our future.

And when I say "our future", I'm not just speaking of the United States. I'm talking about the entire planet. It's an inherent need in humans to explore, to find new frontiers and new boundaries. Our next frontier, our newest boundaries, are in space. We must push on, we must continue, or all the lives lost in the quest for knowledge will have.

So if you know someone who doesn't understand the importance of exploration, who doesn't know about the difference it's already made in our everyday lives, lend him (or her) this zine. Show them what it's all about. And moum with them when they start to cry.


  • Editor's Notes by BethB (3)
  • From Here To Eternity by Audrey Brackett (Emergency) (9)
  • A Generous Mind by Elaine M. Batterby (Pretender) (15)
  • Leaving The Cradle by Sheila Paulson (The Real Ghostbusters) (19)
  • Falling by Amethyst (The Sentinel) (25)
  • In the Name of Peace by Chrys (Smallville) (29)
  • And Peace Will Reign by Chrys (Smallville) (32)
  • Carrying More Than Beauty by Chrys (Star Trek: Original Series) (37)
  • Hail, Columbia By L. A. Carr (Star Trek: VOY) (39)
  • Guilty Habits by L. A. Carr (Stargate SG-1) (45)
  • Sam, The Gypsy and The Stars by Sheila Paulson (Stargate SG-1) (48)
  • Those Who Venture Into Space by Suisan "Sue" R (Stargate SG-1) (52)
  • Almost Home by Barbara Mater (original fiction) (61)
  • Columbia by Alecia Pacheco (original fiction) (62)
  • Columbia by Anne Batterby (original fiction) (63)
  • Columbia by Bill (original fiction) (64)
  • Lady In Waiting by Lady Shelley (original fiction) (65)
  • Seven New Stars by Gamin Davis (original fiction) (67)
  • Seven by Tammy L. Croft (original fiction) (68)
  • Starbound Woman by S. J. Alvarado (original fiction) (69)
  • STS-107 by Elaine M. Batterby (original fiction) (70)
  • The Brightness of Falling Stars by Anne Trembley (original fiction) (71)
  • The Valley of the Dead by Jennie Harris (original fiction) (72)
  • The Vision by Joyce H. Hindman (original fiction) (73)
  • The Star Road Is Paved.... by Mary Winholtz (original fiction) (75)

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