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Synonyms: romance simulation games
See also: Visual Novel
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Dating sims, short for 'dating simulations', are a subgenre of simulation video games with romantic elements.

Dating sims are dialog-focused games where the player tries to befriend and develop a romantic relationship with one or more love interests. In these games, the player raises stats, such as "smarts" or "looks," to appeal to their preferred love interest.

Dating sims are often confused with romance visual novels. Dating sims are typically stat-focused with the prominent focus of romancing a character, while visual novels follow a single or branching path in a narrative style. Visual novels may also have a stat-raising element, though the novel element is the main focus of the game.

Dating sims produced in western countries and/or directed towards a western audience, have began implementing player's pronoun choices in-game, notably "he/she/they", to become more inclusive to a wider range of audiences as well as validating non-binary audiences, though neopronouns still reside as a rare occurence.


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