Mabel Pines

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Name: Mabel Pines
Occupation: Mystery Solver
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Other: Voiced by Kristen Schall
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Mabel is one of the primary protagonists of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


Loud, sparkly, and everything girly, Mabel is the yang to brother Dipper’s yin, counteracting his overly serious nature and reminding him to have fun every now and again. Only, she tends to do it far too often. When she’s not busy screaming at boys, rainbows or unicorns, she is almost always the optimist of the group, sometimes there with the sole purpose of making sure that everyone present is happy (there was even an episode revolving around that character trait).

With her sparkles and smile, Mabel is sure to make your day brighter. Seriously. She won’t quit until she does.



Mabel's most common ship is with Pacifica, which often serves as a backing ship for Billdip (Bill/Dipper).

Pairing Name
Pacifica/Mabel Mabificia
Dipper/Mabel Pinecest
Bill Cipher/Mabel Mabill
Gideon/Mabel Magidbeleon
Wendy/Mabel Wenbel
Mabel/Tad Strange
Pacifica/Dipper/Mabel Pinescifica
Mermando/Mabel Mermabel


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