Pacifica Northwest

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Name: Pacifica Northwest
Occupation: The town rich kid
Relationships: Dipper Pines (Temporary love interest), Mabel Pines (rival/friend), Candy Chiu ( acquaintance), Grenda (acquaintance), unnamed Parents.
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Pacifica is a recurring character in the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


Prim, proper, spoiled and sheltered, Pacifica Northwest is the stereotypical rich brat that every small town seems to have. With her family’s empire built entirely on lies, deceit and risky ‘investments’ (ode to her father investing in Bill Cipher’s overlord tenure), the world hits her hard when it all starts unravelling, and her family’s lies and poor choices become increasingly apparent. Despite her rich kid status, Pacifica is popular with the fandom due to actually being a good kid underneath it all, like a rose that bloomed from a pot of dirt.



Pacifica is primarily shipped with Dipper Pines, although she is also sometimes shipped with Mabel.

Pairing Name
Pacifica/Mabel Macifica
Pacifica/Dipper Dipcifica
Pacifica/Dipper/Mabel Pinescifica


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