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Pairing: Mabel Pines/Gideon Gleeful
Alternative name(s): Mabeon
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: one-sided on Gideon's part
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Magidbeleon is the pairing of Mabel Pines and Gideon Gleeful in the Gravity Falls fandom.


When Mabel and Dipper go to Gideon's show to prove if he is a psychic or not, Gideon insanely develops a crush on Mabel. He continues to spend time with her, but ends up revealing he wants to be more than friends with her, asking her out on a date. Despite not feeling the same way, Mabel agrees to it. He later convinces her to go on another date with him, but Dipper ends up intervening, seeing his sister isn't comfortable with all of this. Gideon takes it the hard way, determined to make Mabel his queen at all costs. However, at the end of season 2 he begins to change his ways for Mabel thanks to Dipper, trying to become a better person she would love.

Tropes & Fanon

Most of the shippers like to explore the possibility of their relationship after Weirdmageddon Part 3 when Gideon is trying to redeem himself for Mabel and just be a normal boy. A relationship between them is mostly explored by aging them up or with Mabel developing feelings for the reformed Gideon.

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