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Pairing: Stanford Pines/Fiddleford McGucket
Alternative name(s): Fiddauthor
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Fiddauthor is the romantic pairing of Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket.

This ship emerged after the episode Society of the Blind Eye, where it's revealed that Fiddleford worked with the Author of the Journal to create the portal, although he doesn't remember what happened. More about their interaction is revealed during "The Last Mabelcorn", but they don't interact in the present until the finale. It's not uncommon for epilogue fiction to feature them dating amongst shippers of the pairing.

Journal 3 revealed that Fiddleford was canonically married during the portal-building period, but although there have been a few pieces focusing on that, the fandom output for the ship remains largely fluffy or angsty. It also reveals that the password to The Laptop is actually "Stanford". Some debate sprung up about whether or not it was Stanford or Fiddleford who put that as the password, as Fiddleford made the laptop to give it to Stanford but Stanford in the Journal states he thinks laptops are silly and that he prefers to work with paper, but the laptop is very clearly used and connected to the portal.

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