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Pairing: Bill Cipher/Stanford Pines
Alternative name(s): Billford
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Billford is the pairing of Bill Cipher and Stanford Pines from Gravity Falls.

This pairing had a minor following before even the canonical reveal that Stan had a twin, owing to Journal entries like "seduce you with flattery", but it largely exploded after the episode "The Last Mabelcorn". It was largely jokey at first, often interpreting the pair as two enemies with an equal threat and attraction to each other, or casting Bill as Ford's clingy, demonic ex. After the finale a lot of that died down as things like Bill putting Ford in chains or turning him into a golden statue gave the pairing both more canon basis and a more sinister canon interaction. Some artists who previously enjoyed the ship deleted their art as increasing debate over whether it was a healthy ship ensued, as requiring being a healthy ship in order to be good to ship became a more prominent viewpoint.

It had a resurgence after the release of Journal 3, owing to some pages featuring Ford talking prominently about his "Muse" and Bill writing numerous pieces of code within the pages.

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