Gideon Gleeful

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Name: Gideon Gleeful
Occupation: TV Psychic (formerly)
Relationships: Stanford Pines (redeemed enemy), Mabel Pines (love interest), Stanley Pines (redeemed enemy), Dipper Pines (redeemed enemy), Bill Cipher (ally turned enemy)
Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Lil’ Gideon is a recurring, redeemed antagonist in the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.



While his initial interest was in Mabel, Gideon’s sinister plans only escalated over the course of Gravity Falls, from stealing the deed to the Mystery Shack after finding out about Grunkle Stan’s ownership of one of the three manuals, to actively aiding Bill Cipher out of spite and vengeance towards Mabel and Dipper. He does eventually come good, it just took him several attempts to bet on the right horse.


Mabel is probably the most common pairing with Gideon, with varying levels of consent depending on what part of canon the fic adheres to, if any at all. Other ships featuring Gideon are rare at best.


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