Confidence Lost

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Title: Confidence Lost
Author(s): C.R. Scott
Date(s): 6/6/2011 - 11/27/11
Length: 77k words
Genre: crossover, family, drama
Fandom: Batman, White Collar
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Confidence Lost is a 33 chapter Batman/White Collar crossover written by C.R. Scott and originally published in Fall 2011.


Everything about Neal Caffrey’s past prior to his 18th birthday is a mystery, even to him. However, when someone unexpectedly recognizes him by a name that he has never used as an alias before, he learns that the biggest con of his life is literally his life.

Crossover Notes

  • The story assumes DC Comics verse and White Collar verse are set on the same Earth
    • Characters originally from White Collar (like Peter Burke) recognize places like Gotham City and people like Bruce Wayne
    • Superheroes and supervillians exist, and are considered the jurisdiction of the Justice League and Titans, as opposed to the FBI or CIA
  • Story takes place seven years after Red Robin comic book issue #12
    • All characters from DC Comics (Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Damian Wayne/Robin, Bruce Wayne/Batman) are seven years older than canon
    • Ending of Red Robin #12 is changed significantly in the first chapter of "Confidence Lost"
  • Story replaces Season 2 of White Collar
    • Elements of White Collar Season 2 are interwoven into "Confidence Lost"

Main Characters


White Collar

Initial Author Notes

After re-watching last season's finale of White Collar, and after seeing all the Catlad!Tim images and stories out there of him as a thief alongside Catwoman, I ended up with an idea for crossing these two fandoms together. This story essentially re-writes the ending of Red Robin #12 and takes place right after the end of season 1 of White Collar.
This is an experimental story. I have no clear direction for it at this point in time. It's one of those pieces where I'm letting the characters do what they want to do and we'll see where they end up.
To those of you brave enough to enjoy the ride on this unconventional crossover, thank you for reading.


This crossover was surprisingly popular and well received by fans of both White Collar and Batman. Even fans of one series who were not familiar with the opposite found the story easy to follow. Below are some of the reviews left by readers on

"Absolutely fantastic! Can't believe I never found this before, and so happy I did! This is a fabulous story from start to end, with an incredible plot, no boring fillers, excellent characterization, and a realistic blend of the two different fandoms! On my favorites list and my reccommends on my profile, and totally worth the read to anyone, even if they're only familiar with one fandom or the other!"[1]
"You definitely succeeded in combining the two universes, even the two characters, into one. Despite my dislike for combined characters, I loved this story! You made great use of various elements of the DC universe, bringing in enough characters to give it the enormous feel, but not so many that it felt ridiculous. You managed to integrate the FBI White Collar unit flawlessly, and all the characters came out looking great! It might could've used a bit more from the White Collar universe, but it's not a real complaint. This was very well done, especially the emotional scenes."[2]
"I didn't know much about Batman before reading this (to be honest I'm still not sure that I know all that much) but that fact did not stop me from enjoying this wonderful story. You are amazingly talented and made it easy for White Collar fans to understand the Batman aspect. This was one of the best crossovers I have ever had the pleasure of reading!"[3]


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