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Mailing List
Name: Batman Beyond Slash
Date(s): 2001 - 2017
Moderated: No
Type: discussion, fanfiction
Fandom: Batman Beyond
Scope: slash pairings
URL:; archive link
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Batman Beyond Slash was a mailing list in Batman Beyond fandom, focused on slash pairings. It was an adults only group, and was active in the 2000s, with the last post being in 2017. Fanfiction posted on the list was archived at The Fallen: A Batman Fanfiction Archive, which went defunct in 2009.

A mailing list for Batman Beyond slash (same gender) fanfic. You must be 16+ and/or able to handle this.

Terry/Nelson Nash, Terry/Willie Watt, Terry/Paxton Powers, Terry/Bruce, Dana/Max, Max/Melanie, Dana/Melanie,etc.

Crossovers,AU,BSDM and PWP is allowed. Semi OT: and OT: posts are also allowed. Male/Male/Female and Female/Female/Male is DEFINITELY welcomed

Feel free to post your ideas,challenges/requests, fanfics and fan art here.

Rules: No Flaming and No Lurking. When refering to any episode of a show, or something about a movie, use a "Spoiler space!" That's it. Heh.

If you want to submit your stories and art to "The Archive", visit here