Birds of Prey (TV)

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Name: Birds of Prey
Abbreviation(s): BoP
Creator: Laeta Kalogridis
Date(s): October 9, 2002 – February 19, 2003
Medium: live-action television show
Country of Origin: United States
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Birds of Prey is an WB television series that loosely followed the comics of the same name. The series lasted for thirteen episodes before it was cancelled.


Birds of Prey series is set in New Gotham City and is focused on Helena Kyle, the daughter of Catwoman and Batman. After her mother's death, Batman disappeared and she was taken in by Barbara Gordon. Together they formed a team against the crime. Dinah Redmond (who was later revealed to be the daughter of Black Canary) joins the team after arriving in NGC and helps them defeat criminals. Harley Quinn is behind most of the attacks the team deals with, wanting revenge for the Joker but is under the guise of Helena's therapist in order to get information.

The concept of metahumans is central to the show - Helena is one as was her mother.

One of the more iconic moments on the show is Mark Hamill reprises his role from Batman: The Animated Series as the voice of the Joker in a flashback showing Joker shooting Barbara.

Main Characters


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The fandom is a small, probably due to the cancelation of the TV series. Most of the fandom activity has been around 2002 - 2003, however fanworks are still being added to and Archive of Our Own. There were several fansites and archives created in 2002 for the TV fandom.

The femslash pairing Helena/Barbara is quite popular. Otherwise the het pairing is Helena/Jesse is quite common.

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