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Title: Batmania
Behind the Clock
Publisher: Biljo White, later Rich Morrissey
Date(s): July 1964 - 1978
Fandom: Batman
Language: English
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Batmania was a 1960s fanzine by Bill "Biljo" White, its title referring to fan activity surrounding the comic book character Batman. It's been credited in helping revive interest in the character.

Batmania had the tacit approval of DC Comics, after White sent a copy of his first issue to renowned fan-friendly editor Julius Schwartz, who liked it, and even gave it a plug in the pages of Batman #169. Various articles in the zine tracked the arrival, rise and fall of the TV series of 1966-68.

After Biljo White took a break in 1967 after Batmania Annual (#17), Batmania was continued by Rich Morrissey for a further six issues until 1978, before DC "withdrew its permission to use the title", whereupon it ran still more issues under the name 'Behind the Clock', an allusion to the entrance to the Batcave.

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Issue 1

Batmania #1 (1964)

Batmania #1 was first issued in July 1964. Batmania had "excerpts of letters which reflect what most fans think about the extinguishing of the old familiar Batman and the introduction of the New Look."[1]

Issue 2

Batmania #2 released in October 1964.

Issue 3

Batmania #3 released in January 1965.

Issue 4

Batmania #4 released in April 1965.

Issue 5

Batmania #5 (July 1965)
Batmania #5 released in July 1965.

Issue 6

Batmania #6 released in October 1965.

Issue 7

Batmania #7 released in November 1965.

Issue 8

Batmania #8 released in January 1966.

Issue 9

Batmania #9 released in February 1966.

Issue 10

Batmania #10 (April 1966).
Batmania #10 released in April 1966.

Issue 11

Batmania #11 released in July 1966.

Issue 12

Batmania #12 released in October 1966.

Issue 13

Batmania #13 released in December 1966.

Issue 14

Batmania #14 released in February 1967.

Issue 15

Batmania #15 released in May 1967.

Issue 16

Batmania #16 released in July 1967.

Issue 17

Batmania #17 released in September 1974.

Issue 18

Batmania #18 released in December 1974.

Issue 19

Batmania #19 released in April 1975.


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