Harvey Bullock

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Name: Harvey Bullock
Occupation: GCPD Detective
Other: Played by actor Donal Logue in Gotham
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Harvey Bullock is a recurring character appearing in the Batman series of comics, with is first appearance being in Detective Comics #441. He later became one of the main cast of the 2014 television show Gotham.


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Bullock's creation is something disputed but generally credited to Archie Goodwin. Before the 1985-86 storyline, Bullock was a dirty cop with instructions to sabotage Commissioner Gordon's career. After his re-introduction to the series he undergoes character development and turns into a well-meaning cop. After this he was retconned as always having been loyal to Jim Gordon from the start, despite still having a reputation for taking bribes and using excessive force. He makes detective years later and again works closely with Gordon, taking down well known Batman villains.

Common Pairings

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Jim Gordon/Harvey Bullock

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

Fanfiction based in the Gotham universe will usually reference:

  • His Irish heritage
  • His love of food
  • Him being lazy or lackadaisical

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