My Fair Jeanne

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Star Trek TNG Fanfiction
Title: My Fair Jeanne
Author(s): Ruth Gifford
Date(s): August 2, 1995
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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My Fair Jeanne is a Star Trek: TNG Picard/Q story by Ruth Gifford.

The fact that Q's human gender appears fluid and his true form is unlikely to express gender physically has led to an abundance of genderswap stories, an unusual trope in Trek fandom of this vintage -- although in perhaps the most influential, Ruth's My Fair Jeanne (1995), it is Picard who becomes a woman.

"My Fair Jeanne" was a winner in the 1995 ASC Awards for the "TNG General Story" category.[1]


"Most genderswaps change Q; this was the first one ever to swap Picard. Picard wakes up female one morning. He's convinced Q is responsible, but Q is refusing to show up and take credit... until the most embarrassing possible moment. Fem!P/Q, P/Q, P/Fem!Q, Fem!P/Fem!Q. A little heavy on the power games, with Picard as sub, but no S&M." [2]

Author's Notes

Thanks and Such: This story is heavily influenced by Atara and to a lesser extant by Christine. Atara's influence is pretty obvious as far as content; if one of the later scenes looks extremely like something from "With or Without You", well, I only borrow (it's not stealing when you have permission) from the best. She also proofed the story (any punctuation errors are still my fault, don't blame her), had a hand in teaching me that semi-colons are used for more than just making winking smileys and made some suggestions that made this a better story (Thank you, Beloved). hristine's influence is more in the way I look at a certain character (who would that be?) and I owe her many thanks for that ("are you looking for Atara? I'm Ruth" said in the bathroom before "The Tempest"; sorry we didn't have more time to talk). I also have to thank Thomas Moore for listening to me go on at length about this one and for making intelligent observations from time to time. He's also responsible for LaForge's comment about Troi (it was a fine [MST3K]] moment). Mega applause to JdL and PS for maneuvering a pair of opinionated, stubborn, frequently pompous characters into the sexiest homoerotic relationship *I've* ever seen on mainstream TV. Not bad for two straight (presumably) guys. Thanks also to Victoria Lloyd, lead singer of Clairvoyant (formerly Murmur, formerly Charmed Circle) for a song called "Seven" which I listened to a lot while writing this (once you hit the big time dear, remember that you'll need a full time, well paid Tarot reader :-) ). If you like the story, all of these people deserve credit; if you hate it don't blame them, my name is the one under the title. Random notes: Pronouns are a bit of a problem in this one (you'll see what I mean right away). I made various decisions regarding their use and hopefully things will make sense. I actually did a little research in "The New Our Bodies Ourselves", while I may be female, but I still need to refer to an owners manual now and then. As far as timing, this takes place after "Generations.


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