Kate Heightmeyer

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Name: Kate Heightmeyer
Occupation: Psychologist
Fandom: SGA
Other: played by Claire Rankin
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Dr. Kate Heightmeyer is a recurring character on SGA. She first appeared in several episodes in seasons one through four. Dr. Heightmeyer is a civilian psychologist and an original member of the expedition to Atlantis.

Key Scenes in Canon

Dr. Heightmeyer's appearances on the show were bracketed by two episodes, The Gift and Doppleganger, that showed her in intense scenes with Teyla Emmagan. She was also shown to be treating Rodney McKay and he tried to cover that up by claiming a romantic relationship with her.[1]

In Fanworks

Kate is most often paired in the femslash pairings of Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer or Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir. She is also sometimes seen in het pairings with various SGA characters and appears in many works that use and often expand on her role as a counsellor to the Atlantis expedition.

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