Crossroads (Stargate Atlantis site)

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Name: Crossroads
Dates: ?-present
Type: slash index
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Crossroads SGA Slash Index.jpg
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Crossroads is the Stargate Atlantis Slash Index. The site indexes by pairing and theme all the slash fiction based on the show Stargate Atlantis. It is not an archive. The story are linked to external sites (archives, the author's sites or journals).

The index is the result of the work of several people. It was started by Andromeda with the McKay/Sheppard Double Treat site and then expanded by Kat's idea of adding a McKay/Beckett list to the original McKay/Sheppard one. And from that, it grew.[1]

As of April 2011, Crossroads links to more than 6,000 stories.


Crossroads features thematic fic indices for several pairings, the biggest section is the McKay/Sheppard thematic fic index with more than 3,400 listed stories.

Other pairings include:

All the femslash pairings are listed under rare pairings.


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