Quidditch Pitch Interview with DeenaS (2008)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with DeenaS
Interviewee: DeenaS
Date(s): January 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2008, DeenaS was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch. She had been previously interviewed for TQP in October 2007, before she joined the staff of archive. This second interview was conducted as part of the "Captain's Interviews" series. Other interviews in the series (mostly conducted two years previously) include:

For the complete series, see Quidditch Pitch Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

I ordered the first three books from my daughter’s Scholastic book order from her school. I thought ’What the hell’ I read them in a week and went out and bought GoF. I finished that in three days and then bought OotP, devouring that one in a week. I then went to Leaky and from there, found fanfiction which has led to my continued downfall....

[I was drawn to writing fanfiction because] I wanted to know what the HELL Harry and Ginny got up to in that happy hour by the lake (hey the smut gene bloomed quickly) as well as a bunch of other things that crossed my mind....

[Advice for new writers:] Get a beta or someone you trust to give you honest advice and help. And no, I don’t answer that way because I’m the Beta and Forum Captain.
I really like how Maggie Smith portrays Professor McGonagall. She is absolutely spectacular.

People will hate me when I don’t say Emma Watson [is the least like the character I had in my head]...Emma Thompson’s Trelawney isn’t my favorite as I always pictured her more, Lovegood-like. Ian Thorpe’s Quirrell [sic; Quirrell was played by Ian Hart] was also a lot further from my vision. But really, I think every actor is very well-suited for their role. Yes, even Michael Gambon.

[What is your favorite story you have written?:] Multi-chaptered: “One Year” because it was a labor of love and I really was exhausted once I finished it. One-shot: A tie between “Ornaments” and “That Dark Place.” They were both emotional for me to write and served a purpose as I wrote them.
My ideas come from strange places...church, TV shows, the news, my life, others, abandoned plot bunnies.
[Characters to put under the Imperius Curse:] Percy Weasley: I’d have him stand in the Room of Requirement and keep hitting his forehead and call himself stupid in front of everyone as he came through the portrait. I thought that reconciliation was just too easy and a cop out. Dolores Umbridge: I’d make her take that damned quill of hers and have her write “I am a bitch and evil to the core” until she bleeds to death. I hate her with the burning of a thousand suns and truly wanted her to get some comeuppance at the end of the series.
I really like Ginny. She is feisty, opinionated and strong while still being caring, empathetic and intuitive. Besides, she gets to shag Harry.