Quidditch Pitch Interview with DeenaS (2007)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with DeenaS
Interviewer: Annie
Interviewee: DeenaS
Date(s): October 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2007, DeenaS was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch as the "Editor's Choice" author for October 2007. Her story Noticing Ginny was selected as the Editor's Choice story for the month. Deena was later interviewed again in 2008, after she became an administrator of the archive.

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Some Excerpts

Good Lord...uh...after Half-Blood Prince, I was yearning for more Potter. I had done a search for HP websites and found RonandHermione.net and found some fanfiction through that site...lots of Lavender Brown and I just read and read. Then I thought “Hey, I can do that.” I have an English degree and always loved writing, My first fanfiction was “Down by the Lake” and was published at Checkmated a few months after I wrote it. I dove right into NC17 by writing “Future Plans” after reading a steamy post-Quidditch fic that I was steered to off RonandHermione.net.
[Most shocking moment in HP]: It's got to be a tie between the death of Hedwig, Dobby, and Remus and Tonks. I had to read Hedwig's death three times to really let it sink in that she died. Dobby was just...heartbreaking. I sobbed both times I read it—I even went back and reread his death and burial again just to make myself cry. Finally, Tonks and Remus had so little time together and the fact that they left behind Teddy in the world they died to save was just terrible. I think that was the only time that I really hated Jo.
[What is your writing fetish? Any kinks? Any Squicks?]
a. Coitus interruptus is always a hit for me. MapleMahogany pointed that out to me and when she did, I realized I had written like four stories in a row where that happened in one fashion or another.
b. I have never really written any kind of kinks that I can think of, other than the interruption thingy. Someone more “worldly” might be better suited to tell you that.
c. I cannot write gay or trio sex. I wrote trio last Christmas for the drabble exchange and nearly gagged the whole time I wrote it. I felt dirty. I must have done something right because it won...Now THAT really made me pee my pants.
[Advice for first time writers:] Like all writers, start with something you know. Perhaps the easiest thing to write is a missing moment, simply because the basics are laid out for you already and you can put your own imagination into the book. Also, find someone to help you out and bounce off ideas from whether it be a good beta or a friend. Lastly, read and reread the books. Absorb them. They are your best resource.
[Three things you love about fandom:] 1—The wide variety of ideas and theories because it makes me and everyone else think. 2—The weirdness of it all because REALLY these are books... 3—The fact that Dan and Rupert are in it...do I have to explain this one?