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Name: DeenaS
Alias(es): deena_s, almond_joyz
Type: fan writer, moderator, beta reader, fannish crocheter
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Twilight
Communities: The Quidditch Pitch, HG Daily
URL: almond_joyz (personal LJ)
fics_by_aj (fic journal)
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DeenaS is a Harry Potter fan best known for her fanfiction and as an administrator at The Quidditch Pitch. She was also a moderator of HG Daily.


Deena became involved in fandom in 2005, after the release of Half-Blood Prince. In a 2007 interview, she explained:

After Half-Blood Prince, I was yearning for more Potter. I had done a search for HP websites and found and found some fanfiction through that site...lots of Lavender Brown and I just read and read. Then I thought “Hey, I can do that.” I have an English degree and always loved writing, My first fanfiction was “Down by the Lake” and was published at Checkmated a few months after I wrote it. I dove right into NC17 by writing “Future Plans” after reading a steamy post-Quidditch fic that I was steered to off[1]

She became a Quidditch Pitch "Captain" in December 2007, in charge of the site's beta readers and forum. For roughly two years previously, she was a beta reader (a.k.a. "Quidditch Assistant") for the site.[2]

In September 2013, her story "Albus Potter and the Sorting Hat" was the topic of an episode of PotterFicWeekly.[3]

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