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Name: Annie
Alias(es): tqpannie, satindolls
Type: fan writer, roleplayer, archivist, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Harry Potter RPF, Star Trek Reboot, Once Upon a Time
Communities: The Quidditch Pitch
URL: tqpannie (personal LJ)
anniefics (fic journal)
fanfiction at TQP / AO3
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Annie (a.k.a. tqpannie; previously satindolls) is a fan writer, roleplayer, and founder of the Harry Potter archive The Quidditch Pitch. She also maintains bestmatesawards, harry_ron_recs, and hptriquetra.


In a 2006 interview, Annie wrote about founding of The Quidditch Pitch and meeting her "co-captains" of the site:

I was up late one night flipping through different sites and realized there was no one site where you could read any rating/any pairing. The next morning I bought a domain name, asked Simons Flower and Madam Minnie to help admin, and it took three months to get things working so we could upload authors. I liked the idea of having one site where you could be a community through blogging, forums, stories, and I wanted something completely interactive. I hope that's what we've achieved thus far.

[...] I met Minnie and Simons Flower at the same time when I began playing Ron opposite their Harry and Hermione in the Dungeon. I knew of Trisha [Simons Flower] through various stories she wrote and drooled over. Kerry [Kerryblaze] I caught one of her stories Changes and fell in love with her writing. When I needed someone to play Harry in Auror Letters she volunteered. Shortly after we asked her to join as a Co-Captain. Dream_Wia_Dream I met in a Slushes chat. We got to know each other via an LJ post Q and A. She seemed like she would fit right in with us and she's a web developer so…here we are.[1]


Annie's Archive of Our Own and LiveJournal profiles state (as of September 2013): "You'll find I mostly write Ron/Harry, Ron/Hermione, and Trio. Although there are times when I pick up other characters. My thought is that you should read and write what you like. If you don't like the pairing don't read it!"[2][3]

In 2006, Annie gave her favourites of her own stories as "Ron's Three Step Strategy" (Ron/Harry, NC-17) and "Home" (Ron/Hermione, NC-17).[1]


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