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Name: D.N.Angel
Abbreviation(s): DNA
Creator: Yukiru Sugisaki
Date(s): November 1997 – January 2021 (original run);
April – September 2003 (anime)
Medium: Manga, anime, various
Country of Origin: Japan
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D.N.Angel is a manga series about Daisuke Niwa, a teenage boy who shares his body and turns intermittently into a phantom thief called Dark Mousy. Daisuke forms a friendship with Satoshi Hiwatari, a classmate/police commander who has his own alter-ego named Krad.

There are many gen fanworks. Shipping is primarily Daisuke/Satoshi, sometimes accompanied by Dark Mousy/Krad. The het pairing Satoshi/Risa is also common. There are a few Daisuke/Dark Mousy stories.

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