The Crown and the Crow

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Title: The Crown and the Crow
Author(s): Yuu_chi
Date(s): 2014-06-22
Length: 8973 words
Genre: Soulmates, Canon Compliant
Fandom: Haikyuu
External Links: on AO3

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The Crown and the Crow by Yuu_chi is a Kagehina Haikyuu fanfiction.

Summary: Somewhere out there is your forever one wearing your Mark on their skin; it's just a matter of finding them.


As of April 2019 the work has over 8.5k kudos and over 2,200 bookmarks on AO3.

A podfic of the work was made by Rhea314: The Crown and the Crow by Yuu_chi (Podfic)

i cannot not put this fic into my list of faves. it’s one of my first fics about hq and it really pulled me in! it’s a soulmate au and it definitely pulls on your heartstrings.[1]


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