By Any Other Name (Teen Wolf fic)

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Title: By Any Other Name
Author(s): entanglednow
Date(s): 2012-11-18
Length: 33,090 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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By Any Other Name is a popular Derek/Stiles amnesia road trip fanfic by entanglednow. As of 3 May 2015, it has the 10th most bookmarks, 11th most kudos, 13th most hits, and 90th most comments out of 59146 Teen Wolf fanworks on the Archive of Our Own.[1]

Evil magicians give Derek and Stiles amnesia, Stiles concludes that he and Derek are Supernatural-style demon hunters, they take off across the country fighting evil, and they start a sexual relationship thinking that they're already in one.


drunktuesdays on Dreamwidth:

Let's be real as fuck, I subscribe hard to anything Entanglednow posts but like, this one killed it for me. Is it wrong that my fav part was when Derek was described as AGGRESSIVELY SPOONING STILES. Don't you feel like there is NO OTHER PHRASE more important to understanding Derek Hale than AGGRESSIVE SPOONING? Get out of my life if you disagree.[2]

Praise from Fail_Fandomanon:

One of my favorite amnesia stories of all time. Of all time![3]
It just hits all my buttons in the best ways, and it's just so much better than almost any other Sterek fic I've read, so it scratches that itch very nicely.[4]

Goodreads users reviewed it 30 times and rated it 118 times, for an average rating of 3.97 out of 5 stars.[5]

Inspired Fanworks

Rhea314 posted a three-hour podfic less than a month after the fic.[6] The podfic is Rhea314's most popular fanwork on AO3 by kudos.[7]

Tumblr user hoechlined posted a gifset illustrating the story. The gifset was posted 27 January 2013 and had 9,869 notes as of 3 May 2015.


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