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Name: entanglednow
Alias(es): entangled_now
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Sherlock (TV series), etc.
URL: AO3 account
livejournal account
fic livejournal account
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entanglednow is a prolific fan writer who has written popular stories in several fandoms. entanglednow has been podficced many times.

Example Fanworks


  • Important Angel Business (2009-12-10) Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number.
  • The Fourth Wall Series (2009-10-16) In which Sam and Dean discover Dean/Cas and Sam/Lucifer on the internet.
  • Mi Casa Series (2010-03-09) In which Dean holds on too tightly. - Note, Su Casa of this series has been deleted/purged off of live journal


  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics (2010-08-14). Features Huddling for Warmth and an Asexual Sherlock. As of 19 July 2014, this is entanglednow's most popular Sherlock AO3 work by hit count (it predates the kudos feature).
  • Undercurrents (2010-10-08). John plays dead for a case; Sherlock gets aroused. As of 19 July 2014, this is entanglednow's most commented Sherlock AO3 fanwork.

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