RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

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Title: RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
Creator: Jordan Scott
Date(s): April 1st, 2014
Medium: video game
Fandom: RWBY
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RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was a Hack-and-Slash fangame created for the RWBY series that was later development and released as an official product.

Release history

Grimm Eclipse was first released as a fan game by Jordan Scott on April 1st, 2014,[1] as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Rooster Teeth's founding.

The overwhelmingly positive fan reaction drew the attention of series creator Monty Oum, who contacted Jordan less than 24 hours after the game's release.[2] At RTX '14, it was announced that Rooster Teeth was hiring Jordan and officially adopting Grimm Eclipse. Jordan continued to develop the game alongside the newly-created Rooster Teeth Games team.

On July 5th, 2016, the new official game was released for PC on Stream.


After the new official release, a small mod scene developed thanks in part to Grimm Eclips's steam community having it's own section for modding.

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