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Name: Monty Oum
Also Known As:
Occupation: animator
Works: Dead Fantasy, Red vs. Blue, RWBY
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Monty Oum was an American web-based animator best known for his animated series RWBY. He gained popularity with his early Youtube series Dead Fantasy, which featured characters from Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy. He died in February 2015 from a severe allergic reaction.[1]

"Monty's Vision"

Many RWBY viewers have a negative opinion of the show post-Volume 3, after Monty Oum was no longer part of the production due to his death. There are frequent complaints that the quality of animation, fights, writing, design, characterization, etc. has dropped. These fans often blame Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross, the remaining writers, for any and all issues, accusing them of deviating from "Monty's Vision" and insulting his memory. Countering these views, it has been pointed out that Miles and Kerry worked with Monty from the beginning of the show, that the plot is still following the story that Monty planned out, and that not all change should be considered bad. Divide between these opinions has led to increased negativity in RWBY fandom.

  • Shane Newville's open letter: In May 2016, Shane Newville released An Open Letter to All Who Treasured Monty Oum, a controversial 36-page document giving a detailed personal account of his time working on RWBY and the events following Monty Oum's death. Rooster Teeth did not publicly acknowledge the letter but its contents were discussed within the community.[2] The truth of Shane's letter has been disputed.

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