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Fan Film
Title: Haloid
Creator: Monty Oum
Date: 2007
Length: 10 minutes
Medium: CGI
Genre: Action
Fandom: Halo, Metroid
URL: GameTrailers via WaybackMachine

Halo Files via WaybackMachine Game Front (successor to Halo Files)

YouTube repost by ACEfromRussia

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Haloid is a short CGI action crossover fan film directed, produced, choreographed, animated, rendered, and edited by Monty Oum. Uploaded to GameTrailers on 20 April 2007, the film features Metroid protagonist Samus Aran and a certain SPARTAN from the Halo franchise beating the crap out of aliens and each other.

Oum originally uploaded the film to GameTrailers, and an HD version to Halo Files, and fans have since reposted various versions (of varying cuts and visual qualities) to YouTube.


Haloid, Monty's first published work, depicts a Spartan from Halo, Bungie Studio's FPS video game series, fighting Samus Aran from Metroid, Nintendo's action-adventure video game series. Using assets from Halo 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, Monty shows the two characters pitting their universe's arsenal of weapons, as well as their own unique abilities and skills, against each other and eventually against the Covenant enemies of the Halo universe. The video's conclusion also fully reveals the secrets inherent to the two combatants. Haloid would prove to be Rooster Teeth's introduction to Monty's work, but their partnership would not be realized until 2010.

Know Your Meme, Monty Oum Interview (PAX East 2010)

It was Monty Oum's big break, securing his status as an Internet legend. Something of a rough diamond compared to his later Dead Fantasy and RWBY, it was nevertheless an impressive feat - put together in a barely over two months by one man with no formal training or a budget, on his home computer. Showcasing spectacular fight scene choreography, polished visuals, a fair bit of Fanservice, explosions and a Twist Ending, it's a loving send-up to both games as well as shooters/fighting games/action movies in general.

TV Tropes

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Most people jump to the conclusion that it's Master Chief that's featured in Haloid, when in reality, it's female SPARTAN Nicole-458, from Dead or Alive.


The very end of the video has an end-card that, among other things, had Monty passed out at the keyboard, a bit of Self-Deprecation regarding his tendency to work till he dropped, but with "*DIES" in red over it, which in light of his death is rather jarring.

TV Tropes: YMMV / Haloid



This predicted samus's rocket boots in smash[1]

Probably a box (circa 2014-2015)

this is still my head canon for chief much as we now know he's a guy. I will always think of him as a hot chick lol[1]

Northern Crusader (circa 2014-2015)

In a humorous moment of Haloid, the crotch of the SPARTAN's armor sparks with electricity, indicating arousal after witnessing Zero Suit Samus defeat a series of enemy aliens. Several viewers have expressed confusion as to how the SPARTAN would have a penile erection, given the ending reveal that the SPARTAN is, in fact, a woman. The educational phrase "lubrication is a two-way street"—explaining that women also have bodily reactions from sexual arousal, and the visual gag could indicate vaginal lubrication—has spread around the comments sections of the various Haloid uploads, with some even attributing the quote to Oum himself.

After Oum's death on 1 February 2015, the comments sections of his videos—including Haloid—received an outpouring of messages reflecting upon and celebrating his life and works.

This is what inspired me to become an animator. To create something as awesome and imaginative as this. I then see his work at rooster teeth and I admire him even more, he created a community of fans, writers, artists and animators. He may be gone but I will always try to work just as hard as he did in his life.[1]

Caidan Horton (circa 2015)

This may look a bit like crap now with the graphics but a few years ago this was mind blowing[1]

BigBadBob 70 (circa 2016-2017)

Holy shit this thing is a relic. It's a nicely crafted one thats aged well like a good bourbon.[1]

Eugene Morrison Stoner (circa 2017-2018)

Haloid Prime

On 18 July 2018, Victus Prime released Haloid Prime, another Metroid-Halo short animated crossover action film.

In honor of Monty Oum's Haloid, this is Haloid Prime

I remember watching his animations, amazed at what he could do.

The day I heard he passed, I started to make this. Its taken some time with school and life being what they are, but I kept moving forward.

Victus Prime

Haloid (2019)

On 10 April 2019, crazyhalo released Haloid (2019), a shot-for-shot remake made in Source Filmmaker.

This video is a tribute to Monty Oum who inspired me and others who didn't even know this was one of his first major works on the internet before his time at Rooster Teeth.

I wanted to try and make something that at least somewhat stands up to the original. There's a decent amount of changes compared to the original. Don't worry there's ton of visual mistakes I've already clocked but because of time restraints I could not go in and fix them.

Anyway this video took an extremely long time for a number reasons mostly burnout. The first uploads of any instance of this video date back to June 2017!


I'm a 3D artist today, and I can definitely tell that watching this [the original Haloid] on high school was one of the main factors that drove me through choosing my career. Mounty shaped a generation of artists with love and proud of what they do. I cannot say anything bad about your take, because any tribute to a person that inspired many of us back in the day, is a truly amazing and special thing. So, thank you a lot brother, for keeping his legacy alive, and for the effort on this tribute, which btw, had a great ending by not revealing Nicole's face!

R.I.P Mounty Oum,


Victor Franco

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