Dead Fantasy

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Title: Dead Fantasy
Creator: Monty Oum
Date(s): 2007 October (first installment)
2008 March (second installment)
2009 July (third, fourth, and fifth installments)
this series is ongoing
Medium: Machinima
Fandom: Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Kingdom Hearts, Ninja Gaiden
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Dead Fantasy is a series of short Machinima (CGI-rendered) movies by Monty Oum. It features a cast of Final Fantasy characters, along with Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, fighting characters from Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. Five installments have been released, and more are planned.

The awesomeness of this series has drawn in fans of both Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive, and has become extremely popular on the internet. The series has been featured at several gaming and anime conventions.

The cast is predominantly female, and it's not until the fourth installment that Cloud Strife arrives as the first male to join the fight on the side of Final Fantasy. This surprised many fans, who until then had assumed that the series would feature only female characters. In the fifth installment, Hayate and Ryu arrive as well on the side of Dead or Alive. The intervention by men is not always welcome by the women they're "helping," and at the end of Dead Fantasy V Hitomi slaps Hayate who intervened on her fight with Tifa.

The women are extremely battle-capable in this series. Kairi's fighting ability is rather more advanced than it was in canon, and has been compared to the ability of Kingdom Hearts' main protagonist Sora who himself has not appeared. When Hayate intervenes, Tifa takes on his entire ninja clan on her own in the bloodiest installment of the entire series, though she is severely outnumbered and eventually succumbs to injury and blood loss.

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