White Rose

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Pairing: Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee
Alternative name(s): White Rose, Whiterose, Ice Flower
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: RWBY
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Ruby/Weiss, also known as White Rose, is a RWBY femslash pairing involving Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee.


Ruby and Weiss are teammates and partners on Team RWBY. The two get off to a bad start when Ruby knocks over her expensive luggage and nearly blows them off the cliff from a Dust accident. Weiss initially considers Ruby beneath her, due to the latter's younger age, childlike behavior, and her apparent lack of knowledge about Dust and herself. When the two meet in the Emerald Forest, Weiss' first instinct is to walk away, leaving Ruby behind. She only decides to partner with Ruby after seeing that her other option was Jaune Arc, which delights Ruby.

Because of their vastly different personalities, Weiss and Ruby normally have different opinions and argue on various points. Weiss tries to always be correct, which conflicts with Ruby's somewhat carefree approach to things.


Ruby/Weiss is one of the most popular pairings in the RWBY fandom along side Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long. The pairing first gained traction after the first two character trailers were released featuring Ruby and Weiss in 2013, though little was known about their personally at the time. Their ship name, White Rose, comes from Weiss' name translating to 'White' and Ruby's surname of Rose.

In Season 2, an episode featured Team RWBY using existing pairing names as the codenames for two-person attack combos. Ruby and Weiss were the only combo that didn't use the most common pairing name, instead calling their attack 'Ice Flower'.

White Rose's fandom became somewhat despondent during Volume 7 due to Ruby and Weiss having very few scenes where they directly interacted with each other. This lead to many posting art and edits to vent their frustration with the situation.[1][2] The putting on clown makeup meme became a pretty popular response.[3]

Rival Ships: Wars of the Roses

While White Rose is one of the main juggernaut ships in the RWBY fandom it still has many rival ships, but has never been involved in a full on ship war. Ironically White Rose is responsible for Ruby/Jaune having the ship name "Lancaster" as it relates to the series of English civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. The House of Lancaster, who were represented by a red rose, clashed with the House of York, who were represented by a white rose. Some in the fandom have also pointed out that there was no clear winner in the Wars of the Roses and muse that shippers on both sides could have created a self fulfilling prophecy should Ruby never have a canon relationship.

Besides Lancaster, the other main rival ships White Rose has are Nuts and Dolts and Rosegarden. Each ship tends to stay within its own fandom however more animosity has built up between White Rose and Rosegarden, especially during Volume 7.

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • As the first trailers came out, Ruby and Weiss barely had any characterization, leaving the fans to make it up themselves. A common fanon consensus was that Ruby was quiet and stoic, while Weiss was a tsundere. This was promptly debunked when the show started however the tsundere Weiss idea did stick in around.
  • In the aftermath of Volume 3 some fanworks had Ruby come directly to Atlas to help Weiss escape her family.
  • Medieval AU/Royalty AU



  • Ruby/Weiss has consistently been within the top 50 femslash pairings on Archive of Our Own ranking since 2015:
    • 34th in 2015[4]
    • 32nd in 2016[5]
    • 25th in 2017[6]
    • 15th in 2019[7]

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