List of RWBY Pairing Names

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RWBY is filled with minor and major characters, and offers incredible amount of possible pairings. RWBY ships sometimes use portmanteaus but most often based on the characters' trademark colors or personality.

Common Pairing Names

Femslash Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Saphron Cotta-Arc/Terra Cotta-Arc Arcotta
Yang Xiao Long/Neopolitan Baked Alaska
Blake Belladonna/Velvet Scarletina Black Velvet
Ruby Rose/Salem Blood Magic
Ruby Rose/Emerald Sustrai Blood Mint, Gems, Gemcutters
Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long Bumbleby
Blake Belladonna/Ilia Amitola Catmeleon, Calico, Bellatola
Coco Adel/Velvet Scarletina Crosshares
Winter Schnee/Yang Xiao Long Elderburn, Nuclear Winter
Cinder Fall/Emerald Sustrai Emberald
Ruby Rose/Yang Xiao Long Enabler
Ruby Rose/Cinder Fall Falling Petals, Fallen Petals
Weiss Schnee/Yang Xiao Long Freezerburn, White Gold, Dry Ice
Glynda Goodwitch/Cinder Fall Glynder, BadWitch, Glycerin
Pyrrha Nikos/Yang Xiao Long Greek Fire
Cinder Fall/Raven Branwen Hellbirds
Ruby Rose/Blake Belladonna Ladybug, Black Rose
Pyrrha Nikos/Ruby Rose Milk and Cereal, Pyrruby
Weiss Schnee/Blake Belladonna Monochrome, Checkmating, Checkmate
Ruby Rose/Penny Polendina Nuts and Dolts, Mechanical Rose
Yang Xiao Long/Neon Katt Nyang Cat
Yang Xiao Long/Nora Valkyrie Pink Lemonade
Weiss Schnee/Ilia Amitola Prismatic Ponytails
Pyrrha Nikos/Blake Belladonna Purrha, Pussy Magnet
Summer Rose/Raven Branwen Rosebird
Pyrrha Nikos/Weiss Schnee Schneekos
Winter Schnee/Robyn Hill Snowbyrd, Schneewood Forest
Cinder Fall/Neopolitan Spicecream
Robyn Hill/Fiona Thyme Springthyme
Ruby Rose/Neopolitan Strawberry Shortcake
Ruby Rose/Nora Valkyrie Sugar Rush
Pyrrha Nikos/Nora Valkyrie Valkos
Weiss Schnee/Ruby Rose White Rose, Ice Flower, Reiss

Het Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Weiss Schnee/Sun Wukong Arctic Monkeys
Jaune Arc/Pyrrha Nikos Arkos
Blake Belladonna/Sun Wukong Blacksun, Eclipse
Coco Adel/Fox Alistair Cookie Crisp, Shades and Blades
Velvet Scarlatina/Yatsuhashi Daichi Cinnabun
Neopolitan/Oscar Pine Dairy Farm, Vegan Icecream
Yang Xiao Long/Neptune Vasilias Combat Goggles, Yeptune
Yang Xiao Long/Jaune Arc Dragonslayer
Emerald Sustrai/Mercury Black Emercury
Qrow Branwen/Summer Rose Hummingbird, Flown North
Weiss Schnee/Neptune Vasilias Iceberg, Arctic Ocean, Neiss
Glynda Goodwitch/James Ironwood Ironwitch
Blake Belladonna/Jaune Arc Knightshade, Black Knight
Ruby Rose/Jaune Arc Lancaster
Jaune Arc/Nora Valkyrie Nora's Arc
Ozpin/Glynda Goodwitch Ozglyn
Ruby Rose/Sun Wukong Red Sun, Strawbana, Strawnana
Lie Ren/Nora Valkyrie Renora, Pink Lotus
Taiyang Xiao Long/Raven Branwen Phoenix
Ruby Rose/Oscar Pine Rosegarden
Ruby Rose/Roman Torchwick Rosewick
Qrow Branwen/Winter Schnee Snowbird, Qrowin
Yang Xiao Long/Sun Wukong Solar Flare
Yang Xiao Long/Lie Ren Sunflowyr
Blake Belladonna/Adam Taurus Tauradonna
Weiss Schnee/Jaune Arc White Knight
Yang Xiao Long/Sage Ayana Wise Dragon
Taiyang Xiao Long/Summer Rose

Slash Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Qrow Branwen/Tyrian Callows Alcohol Poisoning
Sage Ayana/Scarlet David Cherry Tree
Qrow Branwen/Clover Ebi Fair Game, Lucky Charms, Qrover
Qrow Branwen/James Ironwood Ironqrow
Lie Ren/Sun Wukong Lie and Steal
Jaune Arc/Lie Ren Martial Arcs, Lie and Cheat
Jaune Arc/Neptune Vasilias Noah's Arc
Arthur Watts/Tyrian Callows Nuts and Volts
Qrow Branwen/Ozpin Ozqrow, Cloqwork
Neptune Vasilias/Sun Wukong Sea Monkeys
Neptune Vasilias/Sage Ayana Seaweed
Qrow Branwen/Taiyang Xiao Long Taiqrow

Threesomes & Moresomes

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau /
Other Names
Weiss Schnee/Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long Bee's Schnees
Ruby Rose/Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long Bumblebug
Weiss Schnee/Blake Belladonna/Ilia Amitola Calichrome
Coco Adel/Fox Alistair/Velvet Scarlatina/Yatsuhashi Daichi CFVY Shop
Jaune Arc/Lie Ren/Sun Wukong Lie, Cheat and Steal
Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee/Blake Belladonna Newspaper
Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee/Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long Pollination
Summer Rose/Taiyang Xiao Long/Raven Branwen/Qrow Branwen Poly STRQ
Summer Rose/Taiyang Xiao Long/Raven Branwen Poly STR, Poly Parents, Golden Rosebird
Jaune Arc/Nora Valkyrie/Lie Ren Renorarc, Poly JNR
Sun Wukong/Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long Sunnybees
Ruby Rose/Weiss Schnee/Penny Polendina Frosen Steel