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Name: Amaya
Occupation: General of Katolis
Relationships: Sarai (sister, deceased), Callum (nephew), Ezran (nephew), Janai (fiancee)
Fandom: The Dragon Prince
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Amaya is a supporting character on The Dragon Prince. She is the General of the Katolis Standing Battalion, sister to the late Queen Sarai, and aunt of princes Callum and Ezran. She is Deaf and communicates using sign language.


Amaya initially held a great deal of distrust for Katolis's neighboring country, Xadia, after her sister Sarai died in combat with their forces. While she loves her nephews and respects their father the king, she deeply distrusted the king's advisor, Viren. After her nephews allied with a Xadian to save the egg of the Dragon Prince, she became more willing to work with Xadians, especially once Viren seized power in Katolis and began pushing for a renewal of hostilities between the two nations. While she supported her nephew's efforts to prevent a war, she also learned to work with Xadians and became particularly close to her former enemy, the Sunfire Elf Janai.

Amaya was born deaf and communicates entirely through sign language, with her lieutenant Gren frequently serving as her interpreter. She is a tall woman with short, dark hair in an undercut who usually dresses in full plate armor. [1]


Initial reactions to Amaya were overwhelmingly positive.

Some Deaf fans have criticized aspects of Amaya's portrayal, notably her perfect lipreading and the fact that she uses sign to communicate with others while they rarely use it with her.[2][3][4] However, Deaf and hearing fans have also praised Amaya's portrayal as a competent warrior and her use of accurate ASL.[5][6][7]


Amaya has been, as of the first season, paired with her interpreter Gren (Grenmaya), and with councilmember Opeli.

At the end of the third season she was seen holding hands with Janai, a Sunfire Elf. It was later revealed at the SDCC 2022 screening of the first episode of season 4 that the two are now engaged.[8] This pairing had been gaining popularity since the first interaction between the two, and as of October 2022, was the most popular ship involving Amaya[9]. The ship name for Amaya and Janai is Janaya.

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