Tale of Three Brothers

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Title: Tale of Three Brothers
Author(s): Jenn
Date(s): 1998-2000
Length: 33 chapters
Genre: angst
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: hansonfiction.com/3brothers

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Tale of Three Brothers is a Hanson fanfic written by Jenn. The title Tale of Three Brothers actually refers to the "original trilogy" (Two Worlds Collided, Headed For a Danger Zone, and Living For a Dream, along with various interludes), which is followed by two further stories. In the original trilogy, Taylor finds himself telling his life story to a woman sitting next to him on a bus. Said story involves various teenage romances, including Taylor's romance with an older woman, rape, accidental death and more.

Maybe Tomorrow

This story up some time after Taylor has told his life story to the stranger on the bus. Taylor and his ex reconnect, and all three brothers struggle to connect with the women in their lives.

Sessions at East 51st

The final part of the series, this one attempts to deal with the psychological trauma Zac went through following his best friend's accidental death and the guilt he feels over it.

Reactions and Reviews

The basic structure of the story is, well, something like a modern day Canterbury Tales. An older Taylor (older than he was in 1998, at least) meets a woman on a bus and begins to tell her his life story, which eventually weaves into his brothers’ life stories as well. It’s a unique structure that’s a little confusing at first, but I kind of like it. [1]
While Tales was three stories that wove together and connected in certain ways, Maybe Tomorrow is really one whole story. Each of the boy’s love lives are important to the story, but it’s all built around the framework of them coming together to get their own record company up and running. It all feels much more connected, even with the constant switches in point of view.[2]
This third story, I feel, was written just as an after thought, to attempt to give him a happier ending. Unlike the other two, his ending doesn’t involve ending up with the girl. I’m surprised to find myself wanting that, after how much the emphasis on “true love” seemed to bother me. This story just seems too short and too easily wrapped up to be an entire story on its own. When the rest of the series seemed plotted out in detail, this one feels extraneous and leaves me a little disappointed.[3]
Jenn's writing is really sappy (in a positive way, people) and the emotions explained in her stories are wonderfully real. Music is a great part of her writing and very well-chosen. Usually lyrics included in Hanson fiction absolutely don't have anything to do with the story, but in this case, you'll find yourself reading over the lyrics to fully understand what's going on. All in all, a trilogy very well worth reading and with many original ideas. Jenn is been writing a fourth episode for a while now, and I highly recommend you read it after reading the trilogy, to find what happens to Isaac, Taylor, Zac and some characters you will have grown to love![4]
This story is very well written, you could almost say that its written by a professional. The story focuses on Taylor and his love affair with Sydney. Some people could learn from this story, about why being an obsessed fan cant be too good., and what Taylor has to do in the name of love. Beware though this story is rated R and contains some graphic sexual situations, so if your grossed out by that stuff then simpoly dont read it.Otherwise, go read it

I don't know when it was written but right now the plot has been seen many times (isn't it weird how many stories have been written about Hanson in the course of almost three years now?). Older girl meets Taylor and blah, blah, blah. Maybe when it was written it was a really new idea (the girl being older than Taylor, I mean). The story, though, is pretty good.[5]
One of the first great Hanfics, centering around a tale of doomed love, with a brief glimpse into the sensual propeties of dairy products.[6]
Loved every one of the 3 stories in this trilogy! It's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I loved the author's writing style and the characters she made Hanson to be. Very realistic.
Rate out of ten: 10[7]


This series won awards in the Fanson Awards and Hanson Grammies. It was also given awards by Dianna's Hanson Story Page, HansonFiction.com, Hansonite World, HansonZine Hanson Literature and Yellow Walkie Talkie. It is featured in the PlaceToHide.net and Various Artists halls of fame, as well as the Hanson Story Database top 50.


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