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Name: Britta Perry
Occupation: student, anarchist
Fandom: Community (TV series)
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Britta Perry is a main character on the US sitcom Community. Britta is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs.

In Canon

Britta is a high school dropout, who eventually got her GED, and is currently majoring in psychology at Greendale Community College.

Britta is often considered a bit of a downer (sometimes called a buzzkill). She herself jokes that cancer would be a more welcome visitor than she is[1], and much later in the series Pierce seems disappointed when Britta, not Death, comes to see him in the hospital[2]. She was once voted out of a group of anarchist billboard vandals[3].

In addition to her occasionally overly serious demeanor, Britta can be a bit of a dork. She carries a discman instead of an mp3 player, and knits (ironically, like Winona Ryder)[4]. She has a tendency to do a really awkward arm-wave dance move while referring to her arms as a snake. The idea that somebody screwed something up very badly can be expressed by the phrase "he britta'd it". Britta has proven the appropriateness of the phrase by misusing it repeatedly in a single sentence, thus britta-ing britta[5].

Despite, or perhaps because of, those traits, Britta is a much-loved member of the study group and greatly values her friends.

In Fandom

Popular Pairings

In canon, Britta dated a competitive hacky sack player named Vaughn, and had a casual sexual relationship with Jeff during parts of the first two seasons.

In fanworks, Britta is most frequently paired with Jeff, which has led to some pretty intense ship wars between fans of Britta/Jeff and fans of Annie/Jeff[6][7]. Recently both the show's canon and fans have been leaning toward pairing Britta with Troy. And of course, Britta is one half of the main femslash pairing, Annie/Britta.




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