Pierce Hawthorne

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Name: Piercinald Anastasia "Pierce" Hawthorne
Occupation: Part-owner of Shirley's Sandwiches, student, formerly CEO Hawthorne Wipes
Relationships: Cornelius Hawthorne (father)
Marian Anastasia Hawthorne (mother)
Gilbert Lawson (half-brother)
seven ex-wives and 32 ex-stepchildren
Annie Edison (favorite person)
Jeff Winger (best friend)
Shirley Bennett (business partner)
Troy Barnes (ex-roommate)
Fandom: Community
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Pierce Hawthorne is a main character on the US sitcom Community. He is portrayed by Chevy Chase.


Pierce is a longtime[1] student at Greendale Community College, and the CEO of his family wet-wipe company, Hawthorne Wipes[2].

He is the oldest member of the study group, and has had ups and downs in his relationships with other members of the group, due in large part to his disagreeable nature and rampant racism, homophobia, and anti-semetism. At the end of the second season, Pierce's unpleasantness got so bad that the group considered kicking him out (and he eventually left for a short time). He rejoined the group, however, early in the third season, and his offensive opinions appear to be somewhat diminished.


Pierce gets the least love in the Community fandom. He is significantly older than the other characters, not terribly likeable, and doesn't lend himself to any serious pairings. He is sometimes included in crack pairings with the women of the group, though, and is often used for comic relief purposes in fics (but nearly always in a small role).






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