Annie Edison

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Name: Annie Edison
Occupation: student
Fandom: Community (TV series)
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Annie Edison is a main character in the NBC sitcom Community. She is portrayed by Alison Brie.

Canon Background

Annie is a student at Greendale Community College and a member of the central study group. She is a high-achieving, organized, driven student. Annie ended up at Greendale after dropping out of Riverside High School and recovering from a pill addiction (which had earned her the nickname "Little Annie Adderall".[1]


Popular Pairings

In canon, Annie had a romantic relationship with Britta's ex-boyfriend, Vaughn. She has been shown to have crushes on or other unresolved romantic interactions with Jeff, Troy, Abed, and Greendale student Rich. Annie and Britta have also shared some subtexty interactions. In fanworks, Annie is frequently paired with Jeff and (to a lesser extent) Troy, Abed, and Britta. In Season 4, canon suggested that she had abandoned her crush on Abed in favor of unrealistically fantasizing over Jeff again, frustrating many fans of Annie's growth over the series.





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