Annie Edison/Troy Barnes

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Pairing: Annie Edison/Troy Barnes
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: Community (TV series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Annie/Troy is a het ship in the Community fandom.

In Canon

Very early in the first season, Annie revealed that she had a crush on Troy in high school (when he was popular and she was less attractive). The two became close friends over the course of the first season, although Troy was oblivious to Annie's feelings for him until he was informed by Jeff and Britta (who were attempting to prevent Annie from dating Britta's ex-boyfriend Vaughn).[1] Throughout the first season there were several cute Annie/Troy scenes which hinted at romantic possibilities for the pair, but after first season, this storyline appears to be abandoned by the writers.

In Fandom

Annie/Troy was a popular pairing among fans very early on in the series, when it looked like canon was leaning toward Jeff/Britta and Annie/Troy as the main couples. During that time, a good number of Annie/Troy fanworks were produced. Soon, however, fans began to notice the chemistry between Jeff/Annie, and between Abed/Troy, as the series developed those friendships; many fans became more invested in those relationships (which became the two most popular pairings in the fandom). Of course, a handful of fans remain loyal to Annie/Troy. As of January 2012, there are 10 Annie/Troy stories on AO3 and 7 on, representing less than 3% of the Community fanfiction archived on those sites. There is a dedicated LiveJournal community for Annie/Troy shippers, but it is not very active - most Annie/Troy fan activity takes place in general Community coms.





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