Troy Barnes

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Name: Troy Barnes
Occupation: student
Location: Greendale Community College
Fandom: Community (TV series)
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Troy Barnes is a main character on the US sitcom Community.

In Canon

Before the series began, Troy was a Riverside High School football star and prom kind, who lost his football scholarship due to a shoulder injury caused by a keg-flip gone wrong[1]. He later admitted that he intentionally injured himself to escape the pressure of playing ball at a big university[2], but happily plays for the horrible Greendale team.

After joining the study group, Troy quickly develops a close friendship with Abed, and his personality develops from egotistical jock to lovable geek. Troy can be slightly dim - he doesn't know who Stalin was[3], and he thought psycho-pharmacology was a class about crazy farm animals[4]. He can also be immature. For example, he breaks into the school's PA system to announce the phrase "butt soup" over the intercom[2], and later gives his name as Troy "Butt Soup" Barnes while he and Abed host a political commentary program for Greendale Campus TV[5].

Troy idolizes Levar Burton[6], loves to dance[7], and is afraid of rats[8], tarantulas[9], and turning into a donut and eating himself[10].

In Fandom

Nearly all fanworks involving Troy also center on his best friend and partner(-in-crime?) Abed. Even when Troy is being paired romantically with another character, Abed generally plays a large role in the story.

Popular Pairings

Troy is one half of the show's slash OTP (Abed/Troy). He is also commonly paired with Annie (who had a crush on him in high school[1]), and Britta (with whom he has a flirtation in seasons two and three).




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