Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes

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Pairing: Abed Nadir/Troy Barnes
Alternative name(s): Trobed
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Community (TV series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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Abed/Troy is the main slash pairing in the Community fandom.

In Canon

Troy and Abed are arguably the closest friends on the show - they live in a blanket fort together,[1] take classes together, train mice together,[2] and spend the vast majority of their time together. They also play pretend - they make up raps,[3] recreate their favorite movies,[4] and host an un-filmed morning show,[5] Troy and Abed in the Morning, which is similar to Good Morning America (but has a better theme song).

The show is not shy about hinting at a romantic relationship between the two. Other characters have frequently commented on the closeness of their friendship, and this does not phase the boys at all. And Troy has gone on record (on multiple occasions) as being a big fan of "butt stuff".

In Fandom

Abed/Troy is an extremely popular pairing in the Community fandom. It is certainly the most popular slash pairing, and it is only rivaled by Annie/Jeff in terms of overall popularity among fans.

This may be because fans of the pair do not have to stretch at all to find multiple canonical instances of Troy and Abed's closeness, so most fanworks can stay very similar to canon. This is not to say that fusions and crossovers are not common in Abed/Troy fic - they are - but fusions and crossovers are also quite common in canon. The actors have a lot of chemistry on screen, and the pair often provides the most quotable jokes and scenes in canon, which probably contributes to the ship's popularity as well.

Notable Fanworks





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