Abed Nadir

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Name: Abed Nadir
Occupation: student
Fandom: Community (TV series)
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Abed Nadir is a main character on NBC's Community. He is portrayed by Danny Pudi.

Canon Background

Abed is a student at Greendale Community College and a member of the study group which formed in the pilot episode and is made up of the main cast. He was originally majoring in Restaurant Management so that he could work in his father's falafel restaurant after graduation, but has since become more interested in film classes (for which he sometimes produces short films about the study group).

Abed is socially awkward and has trouble reading social and emotional cues, which makes many of his friends (and fans) speculate that he has Asperger's syndrome.

Abed is a huge fan of movies and television, and frequently draws parallels between media and real life.

Fanon Characterization

Abed's fascination with, and immense knowledge of, popular media makes him very useful in framing stories and providing in-character commentary on tropes used in fan fiction. Many fans speculate that Abed would be familiar with media fandom (and possibly participate). In one episode, he does mention that he ran a Facebook fan page for the in-show Doctor Who parody, Inspector Spacetime.

Popular pairings

Abed has very few obvious romantic interests in canon, but is often shipped with members of the study group. By far, the most popular pairing involving Abed is Abed/Troy (or Trobed). Other characters frequently remark upon the unusual closeness of the two best friends (who are quick to assure each other that "they're just jealous"[1]).

Abed is also sometimes paired with Annie. This ship is probably inspired by the several canon romantic interactions between the two which occur while Abed is 'in character' during two episodes (as Don Draper[2] and Han Solo[3]).

One less popular canonical relationship Abed was in was with recurring character Rachel, another student at Greendale. She was introduced in Season 4[4], and appeared in two other episodes throughout the show before disappearing completely. Fans speculate as to whether Abed and Rachel broke up or were still dating off-screen.

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