Britta Perry/Troy Barnes

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Pairing: Britta Perry/Troy Barnes
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: Community (TV series)
Canonical?: Canon, but break up.
Prevalence: rare
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Britta/Troy is an up-and-coming het ship in the Community fandom.

In Canon

Britta and Troy did not have a lot of one-on-one interaction in the early days of Community. At that point, it seemed the writers were working toward establishing Jeff/Britta and Annie/Troy as the main couples on the show. After the fandom (and show runners) noticed the chemistry between Jeff and Annie, however, Britta and Troy began spending more time together on screen and caught some fan attention.

In season one, Britta and Troy discovered a mutual love of dance[1], and Troy saved Britta from embarrassing herself onstage, but the canon UST between Britta and Troy really began in the second season. During season two, they share several short moments, but nothing obviously romantic at first. It's not until later in the season, while taking an acting class together, that the two get physical. During the class, Troy lies about childhood sexual abuse to make Britta feel sorry for him. It works, and she kisses him, but later admits it was a mistake because she tends to fall for damaged men[2].

The season three story lines seem to be continuing in the same direction with Troy and Britta, but slowly. So far, the two have shared a bonding moment in a bathroom in an alternate timeline[3], and they like to hug a lot[4].

In Fandom

Britta/Troy is a rare pairing, but one that has recently begun gaining fans. As of January 2012, there is one Britta/Troy fic on AO3 and 13 on It is worth noting that only three of those were published before the start of season two. On one of the major Community fansites, Community 101, there were 13 uses of the Britta/Troy tag prior to the second season premier, and 42 uses during the second season. Likewise, the LJ community for the pair was created during the second season, and the only dedicated Tumblr shortly before the second season premier. Since that time, the fandom for the pairing has been growing steadily.






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