Annie Edison/Britta Perry

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Pairing: Annie Edison/Britta Perry
Alternative name(s): Annie/Britta
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Community (TV series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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Annie/Britta is a femslash ship in the Community fandom.

In Canon

In keeping with Community's grand tradition of never ruling any pairing out completely, there are several notable moments of sexual tension between the girls. In a season one episode, Jeff remarks to the group that nothing is stopping any of them from looking at the others as sexual prospects. The following moments show various pairs of characters looking at one another, clearly wondering if that is true, during which time Britta and Annie share a meaningful glance.[1] Then on Valentine's Day, while Annie and Britta share a friendly moment, a man off-screen shouts at the girls to kiss. Annie's response is to lean in for the kiss, but Britta convinces her otherwise.[2]

The show also occasionally uses Annie and Britta to provide a bit of fan service. They hug a lot, jump up and down (especially Annie), and on two occasions have wrestled each other in a sticky substance (whipped cream[3] in a fantasy sequence, and motor oil[4] at an all too real environmentalist demonstration).

In Fandom

Fans of femslash in the Community fandom seem to focus on Annie and Britta. This is probably because they are close in age, and the only other main female character (Shirley) is older, married, and has a slight history of homophobia.

This pairing is fairly uncommon, but does have a number of dedicated, productive fans. There is a dedicated community on LiveJournal, an active Tumblr, and even a Britta/Annie Thing-a-Thon fanfic and fanart exchange. As of January 2012, there were 13 Britta/Annie stories on AO3 and 2 on The ship has since grown considerably, with 100 works on AO3 as of June 2017.

Example Fanworks

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